Here are some Apps We like:

Selected in 2013 by PC Magazine as the best application for learning languages.
Free, no extra fees, no subscriptions, no commercials.
You can advance by completing units, you lose your lives for wrong answers, earn points and level up like in a game.

TED's official Android app presents talks from some of the world's most fascinating people: education radicals, tech geniuses, medical mavericks, business gurus, and music legends. 

Free English dictionary app for Android —with over 2,000,000 definitions and synonyms from &! OFFLINE access is now available! 

Diccionario Bravolol
The best bilingual dictionary with a huge number of entries and the fastest search engine.
✔ More than 120,000 words with meaning and pronunciation
✔ No Internet connection required to search for words
✔ Online access to search history
✔ Spelling suggestions
✔ Share via Facebook and Twitter

VOA Learning English ensider
VOA Pod ensider is a application to subscribe and study the podcast contents provided from VOA Learning English 

VoA Mobile Wordbook
Voice of America's Mobile Wordbook includes the 1510 Words used by Voice of America's Special English. Every word has an audio definition, including usage, a sample dialogue and example sentences allowing users to hear the correct pronunciation.

Learn English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish or Chinese in a fun and easy way and practice with a community of over 40 million native speakers. Stay motivated by setting a goal and following your progress!
One of PC Magazine "
Best Free Language Learning Apps" in 2013.

Over To You
The Over To You VocApp provides a fun and flexible way to help students learn the key vocabulary items presented in the Student’s books’ units. Download it FOR FREE and learn English anytime, anywhere.
The VocApp features:
· Pronunciations and example sentences for all words and expressions.
· A choice of Spanish, Catalan, Basque or Galician translations.
· Two types of quiz to test your knowledge – multiple choice and gap fill.
· Top scores and Favourites so that you can keep track of your progress and revisit difficult items.
· A user-friendly interface.

LearnEnglish Grammar (UK Edition) or LearnEnglish Grammar (US Edition)
Practise sample questions at the Elementary and Intermediate level. Download more questions at Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Each set of questions covers 12 grammar topics, with over 20 activities per topic.
Answer over 1000 practice questions across 10 unique activity types, including fill-in-the-blanks, reordering words and labelling, to achieve better grammar accuracy.
Drag and drop answers and rearrange words for a fun way of learning. Each question uses text, images and audio to keep things interesting. Test yourself at the end of every level to check your understanding.

MyWordBook 2
Learn the most important words in the English language through sets of interactive flashcards. Each flashcard contains pictures, sounds, example sentences, translations and notes to help you remember. All word data comes from Cambridge University Press' learner dictionaries.

Johnny Grammar Word Challenge
Beat the clock and answer a lot of questions about spelling, vocabulary and grammar in a 60 seconds questionnaire! 
Johnny Grammar's Word Challenge is a competition for students to review the English vocabulary, spelling and grammar that appears daily in English. 
Key Features: 
* 3 levels - Easy, Medium and Hard 
* 3 categories of quizzes - Words, Grammar and Spelling 
* 10 common topics - Food & Restaurants, Travel, Small talks, Hobbies, etc...

LearnEnglish Audio and Video
In LearnEnglish Audio & Video, you'll find the best podcasts and videos offered on the LearnEnglish website - plus extra features that are only available in the app to help improve your English listening skills.
Listen to the podcasts and watch the videos and read the highlighted audioscript or enter full screen video mode in landscape orientation. Switch easily between comprehension questions, the tapescript and glossary.

LearnEnglish Elementary Podcasts
LearnEnglish Elementary app is a series of English learning podcasts that you can download directly onto your mobile phone to practise your English on the go.
Each show, with the dynamic duo of Tess and Ravi, is 20 minutes long and comes with questions aimed at Elementary learners of English, which you can try and answer while listening to the podcast. The tapescript also moves in time with the audio to aid listening.

VOA English Lessons via Video
You can use English Lessons to watch online video lessons with subtitles provided on VOA.
Watch all online videos on VOA website.
360 video lessons are already added to app.
News classified by categories.

VOA ESL Daily English
This is an application for beginner to intermediate or advanced English learners.
Translate the description of each episode to your language.
Download and listen to the mp3 of each episode.

VOA Learn American English
English News videos which are prepared specially by VOA (Voice Of America), You can easily improve your English listening skills with them. In these videos, you can find the latest news understandable and also announcers speaking at a slower than usual speed. Furthermore, each video includes English subtitles, thus you can learn words that you do not know how to pronounce easily. 

engVid Learn English for free
Learn English for free with 575 video lessons by experienced native-speaker teachers. New classes are added three times a week, covering grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, TOEFL, and more.

English Vocabulary Videos
This is an application for learning vocabulary English on YouTube: more than 13,000 videos and 500 playlists which are classified orderly for common topics.

ESL Daily English
All you have to do is download an episode and listen to it anytime and anywhere you like. You can visit the podcast’s website to download new episodes every time you have finished an episode.
It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced English learner; there are podcast episodes that you can download depending on your level.

Learning English by videos
Learn English on YouTube: more than 13,000 videos and 500 playlists which are classified in common topics.

The European University (EU) presents Questions PAU, The funniest way to prepare your University Entrance Exam. A game of questions and answers developed by 2nd year teachers, like a Trivial quiz where you can challenge your friends and train for the PAU.

TwoMinute English
Improve your spoken English rapidly with the help of hundreds of quick video English lessons from This app brings you all the lessons from Two Minute English to your mobile so that you can view them anytime anywhere.
Lesson categories help you master all aspects of the language including practicing in situations, grammar, idioms, phrasal verbs, confusing phrases and words, and much-much more.

Improve your English a phrase at a time.
Learn useful everyday English phrases at a pace that suits you with this fun app.
· 15 illustrated phrases with example sentences and a 'click and listen' feature
· An alternative phrase for each main entry for wider exposure to everyday English phrases. 
· 'Favourites' section for a personalised learning experience.
· A practice game in 3 different modes.
· Share game scores with friends and challenge them on Facebook and Twitter.

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